Daily Irish Music sessions

Irish music sessions play an important role in traditional Irish music culture and are the heartbeat of the festival. They serve as social meeting point for musicians and fans alike. We welcome musicians playing traditional instruments who know how to play traditional Irish music with others respectively.
Arrive early for best seating and to be closer to hear the musicians. Enjoy!
*Welcome to experience our Finnish traditional music session on Wednesday 4.10.
Free Entry.
Bar Café Hemingway's
Thursday 5.10.
22:00 St. Michael Irish Pub
Friday 6.10.
16:00 St. Michael Irish Pub
18:00 Bar Café Hemingway's
00:00 Valveen Paljetti Restaurant, Culture Centre Valve
Saturday 7.10.
16:00 Bar Café Hemingway's
18:00 St. Michael Irish Pub
00:00 Valveen Paljetti Restaurant, Culture Centre Valve
Sunday 8.10.
11:00 Festival Brunch Club
Valveen Paljetti Restaurant, Culture Centre Valve
St. Michael Irish Pub
-Tunes/songs are played together in a group setting
-Play tunes only that you know
-Session etiquette (be respectful of the music and musicians, silence during a song, play in time with fellow musicians)
-This is neither a jamming session nor a concert
-If more than one guitar or bodhrán, please give space and do not play too loud
-Djembes and other such drums are not suitable for trad music sessions
-Spoons are meant for soup and porridge, let’s keep them there please

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Send mail: The Irish Festival of Oulu, PO Box 42, 90015 City of Oulu, Finland | Visit: Culture Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu
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