Children’s Theatre Performance: Tahvo & Bella

Tahvo and Bella is a charming puppet play based on a children's book written by Tapani Bagge. It is an adventure that deals with friendship and helping each other.
Tahvo is a cat who thinks he is a Siberian Tiger. Bella is a beautiful, hairless dog. They are best friends even though they are very different.
This event organised in cooperation with Akseli Klonk
Wednesday 2.10. 09:30
Thursday 3.10. 09:30
Friday 4.10. 09:30
Saturday 5.10. 13:00 and 15:00
Valve Mini Theatre, 2nd floor, Culture Centre Valve
Price: 7,5 €
Valve Ticket Office
Performances (5)
Duration: 30 min
Age limit 3 +
The play is in English.
Director: Janne Kuustie
Music: Heimo Pietiläinen
Puppets: Virpi Tanskanen
Actors: Markus Kaarto and Anu Enqvist
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