Keep it REEL - The History of Irish dance culture in Finland

Wed 4.10. 17:00
Studio Cinema, Culture Centre Valve
Price: 10 €
Keep it REEL (2017)
Duration: 52 minutes
A film by Ricky Carranza
Production: F.U.S.E.
Join us for the Exclusive Advanced screening of Keep it REEL followed by a Q & A with Director Ricky Carranza immediately following.
In 1994, the Eurovision song contest featured ''River dance'' in the show. A few years later,
the Irish dance culture in Finland was born. This is the story of its development
explored through the personal experiences of two dancers, who made a significant
contribution to it.
The official premier of the film will be at Divulge Dancers' Film Festival in Los Angeles which is focused on dancers' inspiring stories.
The event will be held on Oct 14-15, 2017.
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