The Yläsiirtola Ramblers

Fri 6.10. 13:00 & 17:00
Konst o. Deli, Culture Centre Valve
Free entry
All ages.
The Yläsiirtola Ramblers are a folk band with a long history, hailing from the Yläsiirtola district of Oulu. Yläsiirtola Ramblers is a band originating from the Yläsiirtola neighbourhood in Oulu, that has been performing since the 90s. Traditional Irish music is strongly present in the band’s repertoire and they prefer not to limit their musical journey to only one country, genre or tradition. For the Yläsiirtola Ramblers, the most essential part of music is a great atmosphere and a lively spirit.
Ville Karinen – fiddle, mandolin
Tero Karinen – guitar, vocals
Tuomas Lähteenmäki – bodhrán
Mervi Heinonen – tin whistle, vocals
Mira Törmälä – accordion, vocals
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