Irish Music Presentation: A Tale of Two Instruments: Concertina & harmonica

Saturday 7.10. 15:15
Valve Studio Cinema, Culture Centre Valve
Free Entry
Duration: 60 minutes
All ages
*Limited seating, please arrive early.
Irish Music Presentation: A Tale of Two Instruments: Concertina & harmonica
Henrik Müller & Joel Andersson
The concertina is the English upper-class instrument and the German folk instrument that blended together over time. The harmonica, the concertina’s cousin, went from an unknown start in Vienna to its humble beginnings at the hand of a cloth maker in Southern Germany, to Matthias Hohner’s mass production in 1857, sales in the USA in 1868, to its modern form in 1920.
Join musicians and instrument makers Henrik Müller and Joel Andersson of the duo Reeds for a multimedia storytelling event of two interesting and related instruments.
Henrik Müller
Henrik Müller bought an English-system concertina in 1976, the week after he was attracted to Irish music after attending a concert with The Chieftains.
Hearing Noel Hill around 1980, he realised that the concertina used in Ireland was a different system (diatonic) but kept on learning Irish tunes.
Around 2002 he got the idea of building a “different” English-system concertina. It was ready in 2006, and satisfied with its easier fingering and improved way of holding it, he started going to Ireland to play. He is constantly working on improving and making new instruments.
Joel Andersson
Joel Andersson got his first harmonica in 1993,when he was 2 years old. He started taking lessons when he was 13, and started playing Irish music after hearing the American/Irish harmonica player Rick Epping play an Irish jig on the web. He started modifying harmonicas the following year, and met Rick in Ireland in 2011. In 2014, he came 3rd at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in Sligo.
He has been running his own company, making modified harmonicas, for more than one year.
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